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everything  is architecture.

-Hans Hollein

+ Hitesh Katiyar Architecture & design studio is a Multi-disciplinary Architecture design studio based in Noida - New Delhi NCR. We wish to explore and cultivate new experiences in the modern Indian context of inhabiting and experiencing spaces, both within and outside. We believe in the non-inheritance of the physical culture that we have been ‘living’ in and the need to mould it through a collective dialogue based on our individual experiences. Each one of us being unique as individuals and constantly evolving; the studio wishes to seek those differences in its expression. The work henceforth is an outcome of a generative process fuelled by critical discussions looking for an expression which is contextually exhilarating and contemporary. It is not just about carving spaces but enhancing the tactile experience- understanding the most suited material in each case. Sometimes, the material itself paving a way towards to design. It takes shape by optimal collaboration between specialists, lighting designers, m.e.p. consultants and  sustainability experts;  where the main aim is to explore, innovate and incorporate the multiple facets of design, execution and experience.

We see our work as a team effort between us and everyone involved to achieve the shared vision. 

HKAD is established by Hitesh Katiyar in early 2017. He has a collective industry experience of over 15 years in Germany, India and the U.K. He holds a Masters degree in 'Architecture & Urbanism' from the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London and he has earlier completed a Bachelors degree in architecture from the TVB School of habitat studies, Delhi.

His prevailing interest lies in the unison of new technologies with the understanding of materials, both traditional and contemporary; with a strong sense of belief in the well-known words, ‘ all is architecture’. He is also a visiting design faculty at various design schools in Delhi. 


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